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Politics » the voices in our heads

the voices in our heads

photo by steed media service

The breeze of one’s mind blows both cool and hot, because inside our
head there warms a spot, that chills an idea from feelings that flow
from the beginning of the under toe. The breezes that come through our
skull touch both sides and camp out in the dungeon of ideas that cover
our eyes and that cover us when we’re sleep in order to hide our prize.

Sleeping gently in the sea of our minds, determining who will be this
transfixion on our concentration. This is where we begin the great
manifestation into the events of our life that we see. How we transform
what we’ll be is in our head, that place where ideas lie dead until we
activate the determination and no longer have any reservations about
preserving the ideas instead of seizing the moment. We deserve the
right to preserve our ideas, but it is time that manifestations develop
to a point where we will know that it’s time to do what we were called
to do and the purpose inherently lies with you.

Lying inside of our heads with optic nerves sensitized, we hold sacred,
the idea of what the reality can be, but life is more than we can see.
So determination is there for sure for all we need to do is endure.
Plight is all over our face and it seems as though we’ve lost the race,
and maybe we aren’t in the right place to decipher in this case. This
is not the moment for us to pass, fall by the wayside and end up last.
Our endurance, we must understand that it will not always persevere,
that there is a destiny, and it’s in our head, rushing to reality.
Don’t lay your dreams to bed. Instead take them – challenge the
mountain you see. Climb; exert your will, your strength, your dignity
and your confidence. These attributes must be the muscle that you use,
your passion must be the sweat that cascades across your brow, your
determination must be the strength for here and now, your faith is the
shield that you can not lose take no time to look back it’s time for
you to choose, and claim what is ahead pay the price for living and
winning inside your head.

There is a sense for what each mountain will bring, but for most
winners there’s another ring for as we sleep on top of the mountain
that we’ve climbed, there’s a seed that begins to flourish and shine,
and this manifestation crates a new idea, a new challenge, a new
mountain while switching gears. Our beautiful mind will paint a picture
for us to see. And then there is a goal and an objective for you and
me. To no longer wait, for it to germinate and begin, but to hear the
roar inside our heads and know that we can win.

Hearing the voices of what lies ahead and to know that what we’ve done is what we said.

not the hard bottoms, Stacey Adams, or Jordan’s you wear but the mental
shoe that’s gonna get you there, for the shoes that we must walk in
must guide our feet. The shoes that we walk in must let us know that
we’re a fleet. And it takes more than a foot. It takes a whole mind,
you see, to move the engine towards the greatness it can be. Inside our
heads there’s a wind that we must feel, it’s quiet, not raging, not
provoking fear.

No negativity is the mantra you see, it’s that
voice that speaks internally to you and me, that tells us honestly what
lies ahead and we have to tap into it and not get side tracked or

Our head and our ears which are attached must mute
doubt and erase all worry each time it does appear for you’ll find
yourselves repeating what may have come through your ears, they might
bring those things, those words that should be dead, but somehow they
find themselves swarming in our head. You have what it takes to move
them out; you know that your confidence and faith erase all doubt, you
know inside that your testimony of will is what you’ve done and how
you’ve come to feel. The testimonies and jewel-like words that others
share with you are wise and strong enough to drop gems on doubt. You
just watch as it begins to move out and take each silent call that you
hear, for you need things that are influenced by your ear, not by your
eyes, but by the wise. For each day it takes the supply of
understanding the entity inside that brings you clarity and helps you
decide that greatness is all that you need to ware. Put on your shoes
continue to prepare – move in front for greatness does dare, you will
accomplish it, so there’s nothing to beware and you have learned to
keep the negativity out and illustrate greatness which is what it is
all about. Peace.

Munson Steed, Publisher
[email protected]