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Financial Services Rep., New York Life

On first impression, Oumy Dia
can be deceivingly shy, but get her on the topic of her employer, New
York Life, and she speaks with marked intensity. Since 1845, New York
Life has provided long-term life insurance benefits to its
policyholders. Since it’s establishment as the first insurance company
to offer cash dividends, the company has expanded its portfolio to
offer investment services, annuities and mutual funds to customers.

Dia says that it’s her company’s 163-year track record, and ability to
outlast their competition that has made them a cornerstone in the
insurance industry. “We’re a very strong financial [asset] because when
you invest your money in a company, you want to make sure that the
company will outlive you,” says Dia. “If you need your benefits,
they’ll back you 100 percent.”

Although it can be difficult to sell people on the idea of life
insurance, Dia insists that simple dialogue and education on the issue
is crucial. “I specifically work with people who’ve lost [a family
member] and once you lose [a family member], we can talk to you,” she
explains. “It’s not hard at all. Once you get them to listen, they’ll
understand. That’s it.”

So much for being shy. – gavin philip godfrey

For more information on New York Life, visit www.newyorklife.com.

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