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dream weaver

photo by steed media service

Everybody has a dream. The value of having a dream is that one can
visualize something in its ideal incarnation; one can arrange reality
to one’s personal preference in a dream world. Sometimes, holding onto
a dream is the only way to keep one’s sanity. The tenuous thread of
hope that a dream may represent is not just a coping mechanism; it is a
motivator, a symbol of the perfection that although attainable, is just
beyond our reach. In our dreams we are invincible. We are unbeatable.
The one thing someone else can’t do for you is dream.

Have you ever had a dream so real, so beautiful, that upon awakening
you were crestfallen, and rushed right back to sleep, hoping to pick up
where you left off? We can capture our waking dreams by writing them
down. Oftentimes, the universe will send us a vision. Most people
describe it as having a feeling about something or being led to perform
a specific act. When divine wisdom intersects our lives it behooves us
to pay attention. Divine inspiration is manna from heaven, but to make
full use of the gift we need to apply a little elbow grease. And a
little perspiration never hurt anybody. But a little procrastination
can prove fatal – to a dream, anyway.

Don’t allow your dream to languish and die. Create your own paradise by
breathing life into your dream. Live life as though your dream has
already been realized. Use every resource at your disposal to weave
your dream into reality. As poet Langston Hughes wrote, “What happens
to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? . Or does
it explode?” Whether it dries up or explodes, an unfulfilled dream is a
tragedy that diminishes each of us immeasurably. Get on the job,
dreamer. Peace.


Munson Steed, Publisher
[email protected]