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moments of greatness

moments of greatness

photo by steed media service

love winners. We love to fawn over celebrities. We live vicariously
through the super-rich. We aspire to have the lifestyles depicted in
the media. What we fail to acquaint ourselves with is the process the
aforementioned superstars undertake that propels them to the top. Most
people don’t have an eye toward the bling they’ll be able
to attain once they realize success. They are too busy building their
reputations and careers brick by brick to concern themselves with the
gaudy trappings of success. They are not lining other people’s
pockets with money. They are empire building. They are lassoing the
moon. They are setting the standard that others hope to follow.

To paraphrase Shakespeare; some people are born great, some aspire to
greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Most of us fall
into the middle category, and we would do well to remember that fact.
That means we have to plan and hustle to execute our plan every single
day. The spoils don’t go to the faint of heart; the brass ring is
reserved for those who are unflinching in the hunt. If success were a
simple thing to attain, everybody would have it. And unless you are an
heir to an obscene fortune, you will have to diligently apply yourself
to your goals with unrelenting focus. Therein lies the rub. There are
no shortcuts and no easy answers. And that is exactly where most of us
fall short. We are so busy chasing the quick and easy that we end up
cheating ourselves of the opportunity to grow.

Human beings have an aversion to pain. That is why we fight growth.
Growth is pain, oftentimes excruciating, so it is understandable that
we dodge it at all cost. But avoidance won’t lead us to the land
of milk and honey. Most of us really do aspire to greatness; we just
don’t or won’t commit to doing the grunt work it takes to
get there. Commit yourself to gaining your heart’s desire every
day. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, you will struggle. And you may fail
repeatedly, but don’t give up, because the joy of finally
realizing that hard-won goal will make any disappoint a distant memory.


Munson Steed, Publisher
[email protected]