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President, Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO A solid supporter of the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO’s vision to promote, maintain and protect the interests and general welfare of all working people, Saundra Williams takes her position as the first African American female president very seriously.

“We represent some 200,000 hardworking men and women across Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties,” Williams states. “I just oversee that operation. I [handle] staff, a political department, public relations, and everything that has to do with unions.”

Believing that unity is ultimately the determining factor in overcoming obstacles and making progress in the workforce, Williams leads the local AFL-CIO chapter in their aim to teach and promote the national labor oganization’s ideals.

“We come together to form a larger organization so that we can learn from each other, help each other [and] that kind of thing,” she explains. “Whenever there’s a rally, we mobilize people to come out [and] help with political functions.”

Acknowledging her position as the first African American female to serve as president, Williams recognizes that she must set a good example. “I do enjoy being the first woman and I’m having a good time,” she admits. “I think what it means to me is that other people, younger women [and] other women period can look at me and say, ‘Well, if she did it, then I can do it as well.’ That’s [what’s] important.” – janaya black

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