fiona bloom- putting energy in entertainment

fiona bloom- putting energy in entertainment

fiona bloom- putting energy in entertainment
photo by steed media service

Founder, The Bloom Effect

Fiona Bloom is an irrepressible live wire of energy. The former radio
deejay seems to devours life and its rich menu of diverse offerings as
if they were nutrients and minerals. That fifth gear personality helped
the British-born music buff traverse the vast entertainment terrain
from a local party promoter in Atlanta to a national marketing rep at
EMI Records, to owning her own consulting, marketing, event and PR
firm, The Bloom Effect.

“Basically, The Bloom Effect is a one-stop shop for those
specializing in music and lifestyle,” says Bloom, who handles so
many artists that you check to see if she is equipped with an extra set
of limbs on her upper torso. But her success, she says, comes from hard
work and experience. “I’ve been in the industry so many
years, that The Bloom Effect and I get so much love because I’ve
paid my dues for many, many years.”

The former popular radio personality and party host on WSTR 94.1 and
WRFG 89.3 FM, handles publicity, management, and party launches with
aplomb and style through The Bloom Effect. If that’s not enough,
Bloom has launched and New Blood, which showcases
new artists in 10 markets nationally.

“I’ve worked very hard. I helped a lot of artists in
Atlanta who are now very big. I’m very respected. When I go back
to Atlanta, I get a lot of respect. It’s great. And it’s
working really well,” she says, then adds: “I’m a
soldier. I hope I never run out of energy. I just keep plugging,
plugging and plugging. I love it.” – terry shropshire

To learn more about Bloom, log onto or e-mail her at [email protected] .

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