katina williams – small-town girl, big-time banker

Katiana Williams

Branch Manager, RBC Centura Bank

In banking, customer service is everything. If you keep your customers happy, they’ll remain loyal. No one exemplifies the concept better than Katina Williams. The Moultrie, Ga., native is a branch manager for RBC Centura Bank in Atlanta. As her branch’s small business banking specialist, Williams is responsible for offering a wide array of personal banking solutions and products along with financial planning, management and budgeting services. 
After graduating from Georgia Southern with a degree in finance, Williams has worked with RBC for just under three years. “I’ve always wanted to work with money,” says Williams, who’s one of three African American female managers at RBC in Atlanta. As demanding as the job is, Williams enjoys helping others achieve their dreams. “I love Atlanta and I love helping our customers reach their financial goals,” she says, affirming her passion for helping others as she discusses a recurring theme in financial management – bad credit. 
“One thing that I’ve found is that a lot of people think that credit is an extension of income, but it’s not. When you start to max out your credit cards, it’s almost impossible to get out of that debt. Use your credit wisely,” she adds. “I want to reach people at our bank because financial advice is something that we’re committed to at RBC; we do more than just collect deposits.” – delgie jones II