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Rahsaan Patterson – The Music Flows Freely

Recording Artist

In a perilous time when the world is in search of more positivity, soul singer Rahsaan Patterson offers a refreshing alternative to the depressing nightly news. With the release of his first holiday album The Ultimate Gift, Patterson provides just that—the best possible gift.

Rolling out caught up with Patterson as he made his rounds to promote the album, and the talented artist appeared to not only be excited about the release of the album, but also about the nation, now flush with hope. –dewayne rogers

RO: Why was now the right moment to release this holiday album? 

Patterson: Well as an artist, I would often get asked about what the holiday season means to me. So I began to write, and this is what came out.  

RO: This album has perfect timing, wouldn’t you say? 

Patterson: Yes, I would. With a new president, there is just this new sense of hope in the world. Hope has been restored, and this album speaks to that same type of emotion.  

RO: This is a holiday album, and not a Christmas album. Explain the difference.  

Patterson: I wanted to showcase that everyone doesn’t celebrate the holiday in the same regard as the Christians do, but I still wanted to present the overall message of what I think Christmas is and that’s love and sharing. At the end of the day, and with any manifestation of God, the message is ultimately love. Regardless of what religion we follow, love is the one thing that keeps us connected and that we all need to live.