DJ Montay on Making Hits for Flo Rida, R. Kelly and Ludacris

Talking to DJ Montay, you’d never know that he was the producer behind Flo Rida’s megahit, “Low” and DJ Unk’s anthem-dance craze, “Walk It Out.” Yes, the Billboard charts may reflect his production talents, but Montay is over the industry hype. So even though he’s been instrumental in breaking artists that have come out of Atlanta’s busy music scene, due to the mixtapes that he released in the mid to late ‘90s alongside DJ Jelly, he shrugs off any notions that he might be underappreciated.

“I don’t try to look for credit,” he says dismissively. “I’m not that type of dude. I’m still doing what I’m doing.”

And what he’s been doing is staying in the lab, churning out hits. He produced Flo Rida’s newest single, “Suga” and also has production upcoming on Chamillionaire, Ludacris and Shawna, T.I. and R.Kelly’s new projects.

“My advice to any up-and-coming producer is to work hard and be consistent,” he says in his slow drawl. “If you’re trying to be one of the top people, you have to stay at it. I’m in the studio 24/7 unless I’m kicking it with my kids.”

Firmly grounded, you’re more likely to catch Montay at the grocery store buying eggs than at some industry party. But although he’s low-key in his approach to the music game, his presence and influence has been instrumental to the success of the artists he’s helped break.

“My beats are feel-good records,” he says. “I don’t have a set style because I try to do different stuff every time. You really can’t recreate something that’s already been done. You just have to make the next thing that’s going to top that.” j.h.

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