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Lil Wayne Drops Kobe Bryant Tribute Song

“Kobe doin’ work/Two-four on my shirt/He’s the greatest on the court/And I’m the greatest on the verse/Going for the fourth ring/Like it was his first/How I get the bling?/Do it for Kareem …”

Mere hours after Kobe Bryant dropped 40 on the Orlando Magic in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Lil Wayne released an online single titled, “It’s Game,” about the Lakers star. Over a thumping bass line and sound bites from commentators, players, and Kobe himself, Weezy delivers nimble lyrics and, of course, clever punch lines:

“Never take a day off/Catch you at the top of the key/And get a J off/Baseline’s face time/Tongue out like Two-Three/Even Two-Three gotta love how I do me …”

Proof positive that the NBA Finals are everyone’s mind these days; the most popular man in hip-hop shows his well-documented love of sport yet again.

“What’s defense to an assassin/Killer instinct, murder the basket/Then steal the ball back/Hold it for ransom/It’s more than a game/This is a passion …”

When Jay-Z released a song dissing the Washington Wizards’ DeShawn Stevenson for dissing Cleveland Cavaliers’ megastar LeBron James, many fans snickered and mocked Jay-Z’s unabashed praise of the self-proclaimed “King.” Is Wayne’s Kobe tribute another example of a rapper riding the jock of an athlete — or is it just a hip-hop artist rapping about the sport that he loves? And how will the fans respond? –todd williams


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Kobe Bryant Tribute Song