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After the Death of the NFL’s Steve McNair, Athletes and Entertainers Talk about Gold Diggers

The cold-blooded murder of former MVP quarterback Steve McNair of the Tennessee Titans jolted the National Football League and the sports world to its very foundation. It also forced celebrities to reassess how they engage in extracurricular activities with members the public. Universally admired and respected for his clean-cut image, McNair nevertheless fell prey to his uncontrolled appetites and to the deadly allure of a young woman addicted to the glamorous life.

Several athletes and entertainers chimed in with advice on how do deal with over-aggressive groupies and gold diggers who sprout around celebrities like weeds. –terry shropshire


Kid Capri, legendary DJ: “I don’t like to call women groupies, but you are what you are, you do what you do. But, as far as in the business … you have to … stay focused and don’t worry about the groupies. All that other stuff comes later. Get all the money you can while you can. That’s what you do.”



Ovie Mughelli, running back, Atlanta Falcons: “It’s really sad what happened to Steve McNair. I played with him for a year in Baltimore. I loved him and R.I.P., Steve, forever. … I have a foundation and the thing that I tell them is: whether you are a kid or an NFL player, you’ve got to watch who you [have] around you. The people … around you are going to affect your daily life. What everyone can learn from Steve is … you have to do what’s best for you at all times. And keep God first … in the end that’s what matters.”

Will Packer, co-founder Rainforest Films [“This Christmas” and “Obsessed”]: “… You have to be careful. You have to keep folks at a distant because everybody doesn’t know where to draw the line. … My prayers and love go out to the McNair family.”

Boss Bailey and Champ Bailey, brothers and NFL stars:
Boss: “… A lot of stuff … can steer you the wrong way. … My parents always said that ‘If it don’t sound right, then it might not be right.’ So it’s just a common sense law.”
Champ: “Well, we grew up in the same household so I can’t add too much. But just believe in what you’re doing and don’t let anyone tell you differently.”


Dennis “Spyda” Chism, And-1 Mixtape superstar: “Have fun but watch out for the gold diggers. You know, keep it safe, just meet a lot of friends and enjoy yourself …”