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Crenshaw Christian Center Pastor Fred Price Cites Specific Scripture to Combat Tough Times


Crenshaw Christian Center Pastor Fred Price Cites Specific Scripture to Combat Tough Times

Kenneth Price Jr., pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles,
knows that millions of Americans are caught in the throes of a
recession of biblical proportions and are worried about their future.
The son of legendary televangelist Dr. Frederick K.C. Price advises
believers to cast their fears upon the Lord and rest in faith that God
will take care of everything. It is in the Word that the newly
installed Pastor Price, 30, says believers will find the blueprint to
survive and even thrive as the marketplace crumbles around us.

6:25: “Jesus says ‘do not worry about your life.’ And He says what you
will eat, what you will drink and what you will wear … don’t worry
about those things. Seek first the Kingdom of God and Its righteousness
and all these things that you need will be added unto you.”

4:6-7: “Paul says be anxious for nothing … but in all things in prayer
and supplication, let your request be made known to God. And when you
do that, verse 7 says ‘and the peace of God that surpasses all
understanding’… and of course we know if it passes all understanding
that means that even though we wouldn’t be able to understand how we
could have peace in these kind of times … He’s gonna guard your heart
and mind.”

I Peter 5:7: “Peter says cast
all your cares on God because He cares for you. And if they are on God
then that means they are no longer on you. But you have to do that by
faith, because you can say, ‘all right, God, I’m casting my cares on
You.’ And it’s going to still feel like the cares are on you. But you
have to release those cares, those weights, by faith.”

these turbulent times, Price tells everyone to remember that the Bible
says we’re blessed. “And we’re not blessed because we’re experiencing
some material things in our lives. We’re blessed because His Word says
we’re blessed.”

“It’s just a matter of
now figuring the necessary steps,” Price adds, “to experience the
manifest blessing in our lives now while we’re on earth. But the Bible
says ‘we’re blessed,’ recession or no recession, famine or no famine.
I’m still blessed.”
–terry shropshire