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Min. Farrakhan Tells Chicago’s WVON It’s Time for Black Community to Take Responsibility


Min. Farrakhan Tells Chicago’s WVON It’s Time for Black Community to Take Responsibility 

he’s often touted as being one of the greatest public speakers of our
time, Minister Louis Farrakhan is also an exceptionally avid listener.
Recently, Farrakhan paid a visit to Chicago’s WVON, where he was
interviewed by Cliff Kelley and responded to questions from listeners.
In this classic exchange between two men who understand and
passionately work for the betterment of the black community, the
Minister shared his thoughts with Kelley on everything from President
Barack Obama’s stimulus package to the rise in gang violence and
murders in the city of Chicago. Having the exclusive, behind-the-scenes
view from inside the studio, rolling out captured some of Farrakhan’s
most prominent points. –gavin philip godfrey 

On the Black Community Taking Responsibility for Itself:
“As long as we permit others to do for us, then we will never be
considered free, justified or equal to other human beings who are doing
for themselves and their people. We have to accept that

On the Stimulus Package:
“In my mind, I know that no stimulus package can save America from what
America is now facing. In my Savior’s Day message, I said that Barack
Obama has inherited the fall of America as a great nation and power.
When you look at the fall of the greatest nation in the last 6,000
years — her educational institutions falling apart, politics in a
shamble, economics in a shamble and this brother comes to be president
at a time like this when the wisdom of those who surround him is
suspect, because many of them are part of the old [guard] that has
produced much of the fall, and now they are expected to bring America
up out of this.” 

On the Plight of Black Youth:
“Our children are victims of a terrible conspiracy. There’s a
conspiracy to destroy us, and when we see a people being marginalized,
[the] next stage of that marginalization is their extinction. What
better way to do it than to bring guns into our community, drugs into
our community, AIDS into our community and exploit our sex drive? We
not only have to teach our young people, but we have to give them a
sense of their greatness. They are the greatest generation that we have
ever produced. They’re fearless, they’re born warriors. They’re not
like their parents or grandparents — they’re very different. The enemy
knows this so he calculates separating the youth from the wisdom of age
and experience, and then he poisons the youth.”

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  1. Helenofreims on October 20, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    Did you say anything, plenty good old Blacks holding others back illiberal “Chicago” monies families. Protecting there interest as “Nation of Islam” don’t go there Louis your Ummah” buying developments make profits. Whom? Bahrain,
    Saudi Arabia and UAE they supported you now grown tired besides only talk!