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6 Points to Ponder When Buying a Car

Steve Ewing has been kicking tires, giving test drives and getting customers approved for car loans for more than two decades now. As president/ CEO of Atlanta-based car giant Wade Ford since 2002, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making one of the biggest purchases in the lives of consumers.

Ewing has seen the joy in the faces of car buyers when they have gotten the best deal for their buck and even witnessed the agony of irate customers who feel they have been taken advantage of (by other dealerships). Rolling out recently caught up with the automobile mogul so others don’t tread down the wrong road of vehicle ownership. -cw

1.Decide what you are looking for. Look at the different models. Check out where you’re buying because there are so many choices.

2.Once you decide what you are looking for, then you should find a place where you are comfortable buying, somewhere there is not a lot of pressure and ready to give you information.

3.Utilize the web. The web is a great source of information. You can do it right from the privacy of your own home.

4.Make sure [you know] what you’re buying. Make sure you drive the car. Most people get caught up in a moment. It’s a big purchase.

5.Find out about [the dealer’s] service department. Are they going to support you after you buy if you have a problem instead of just saying it?

6.Get the value for your money. I know people who say “I want to buy a BMW.” They are nice cars, but I can put a $75,000 car against a $30,000 car. And I can compare options from navigation to whatever. And they have the same features- other than the name.