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Jill Scott Walks Out on Hidden Beach: Refuses to Record

altRumors have been circulating for a while about Jill Scott being a diva, but I just didn’t want to believe it. Not the effervescent Jill, whose stage presence and charisma almost makes her glow.  

Now, Hidden Beach records, the label that claims to have discovered Jill in ’98 and basically built their brand of quality music around her, is saying that she is “Diva #1” and has stiffed them on the contract they had in place. The label claims she owes them three more records, but the artist allegedly refuses to record.  

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hidden Beach claims they signed Scott to a six-album deal in 1999. But in 2009, she told the company through a letter that she was “moving on” after only completing three of the six albums.  “Moving on — but wait, there’s this little thing called a contract that’s legally binding,” Steve MCkeever at Hidden Beach probably said, to which Jill probably replied, “You’re getting in the way of what I’m feeling.”  

Accoring to TMZ, Hidden Beach comes off like a scorned lover in the lawsuit, claiming they were “rolling the dice and betting everything it had on an unknown talent” when they first signed Scott … and are “deeply saddened” by her recent actions. She did put them on the map, but…

It’s no secret that the last record she released was recorded almost begrudgingly and it was a tough sell to get an interview out of her about it, but a contract is a contract and unless she has some hidden leg to stand on — hi ho, hi ho — it’s off to court she goes.