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News2 » Lela Rochon Returns to Big Screen in ‘Blood Done Sign My Name’

Lela Rochon Returns to Big Screen in ‘Blood Done Sign My Name’

lela rochonActress Lela Rochon made audiences laugh and cry in a variety of memorable roles before taking an extended hiatus to care for her growing famiily. Now Rochon has returned to the big screen in Blood Done Sign My Name, which is based on the true-life story of the murder of a black Vietnam veteran. –christian johnson

How have you grown as a person since the beginning of your career?

I’ve been doing this a long time and you know the nice thing about show business is that you get to grow, you get to change and you get to experience. I got to be mature and I got to play something real, and hopefully, heartfelt [in Blood Done Sign My Name].

Is growth something that you work at or does it come naturally to you?

For me I think growth is a part of life; you never want to get bored with what you love and the easiest way to get bored is to do the same part over and over.  

Who would you say is your toughest critic?

I am the hardest on myself, second to me is my daughter; kids are very honest and they tell the truth. I’m hard on myself because I try to be the best at whatever it is that I’m focus[ing] on and do[ing].

What is your motto for 2010?

To be … connected to God [and] my spirit, and [to] focus on what is important to me in my life.