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Ex-Wife Questioned in Ex-NBAer Lorenzen Wright’s Death; Police Dropped the Ball


According to police and media reports, the ex-wife of murdered ex-NBA star Lorenzen Wright was questioned after engaging in suspicious behavior prior to Wright’s disappearance. Also, the media are openly wondering why police did not provide a timely response to the 911 call that came from his phone shortly before he was killed.

Police searched the home of Sherra Wright, after neighbors told authorities that she started a fire in her backyard on the same night that Wright was murdered. Additionally, she engaged in a mysterious conversation, the media reports.

Sherra has alleged that three armed men came looking for former NBA player Lorenzen Wright shortly before he was found murdered last week. Sherra’s attorney said that she remained silent about the confrontation out of fear for the lives of herself and her children. Wright was found dead on July 28, 10 days after leaving his ex-wife’s house after midnight.

As for the allegedly questionable conversation had by Wright’s ex-wife shortly before his death, a neighbor claims that she overheard Sherra saying that she really needed the money she was owed. Wright’s financial problems caused him to fall behind on child and spousal support. Two of his homes were repossessed earlier in the year, and he also sold off a pair of his luxury vehicles. Also, Wright had what the media have claimed was a longtime affiliation with drug dealers.

Just as disturbing are reports that the 911 dispatcher heard several gunshots during Wright’s call to police, yet there is evidence to imply that officers failed to respond in a timely fashion. Lorenzen Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion, said this to the media:

“They did drop the ball. How do you call 911 and hear shots and nobody reacts? You know, when my grandkids one time was playing on the phone and they called 911, three police showed up at my house. I’m like, ‘What are y’all looking for?’ They said, ‘Well, we’ve got a 911 hang-up over here.’ How do three police show up for a 911 hang-up, but nobody does anything when you have a 911 and shots? Somebody’s got to answer for this. I want somebody prosecuted because this is not right.”

If true, the police have as many questions to answer as the ex-wife in this increasingly complex murder case. –terry shropshire