VP of Marketing, Shawn Tollerson, Exhibits Class, Charm and Crème of Nature at Bronner Brothers

The African American woman’s allure is hard to define, but all we do know is that it is real. Along with the natural sway in her gait, the rhythm in her voice and the heat in her touch, there’s the unparalleled attention to her crowning glory — her hair. And although there are a dizzying assortment of hair care products available to black women which promise everything from hair growth to non-chemical straightening, the one constant that most women agree on is that moisture and conditioning are critical for healthy hair.

But the brand that has long been a household brand trusted by women over the years, Crème of Nature recently introduced an exciting new product line containing Argan oil with natural healing properties formulated to improve the condition of hair regardless of texture and style. To introduce the exciting new line of products company executives traveled to Atlanta for a Bronner Brothers Hair Show unveiling over the Aug. 7–10 weekend. Vice president of marketing at Colomer USA Crème of Nature’s parent company — Shawn Tollerson was spotted co-hosting a private soirée at Atlanta’s ultra chic Two Urban Licks nightclub where guests were treated to cocktails and top-notch cuisine. The highly respected, confident and well-coiffed Tollerson readily agreed to speak with rolling out staff about Crème of Nature and the benefits of Aragan products. –roz edward

On the introduction of the new product line:

We are launching a new product which is Crème of Nature with argan oil which is really, really exciting. Not only were we excited, seeing the consumers’ excitement about this product has been motivating for us. This is a line of products really dedicated to adding shine and moisture to the hair.

On product launch at the Bronner Brother’s hair show:

We were happy about showcasing the new line at the Bronner Brothers hair show because it [was] the perfect place. The stylists [were] there, the consumers [were] there and people could experience and touch and feel the products for themselves.

Her relationship with other brands under the Colomer umbrella:

At Colomer we have Crème of Nature, Lotta Body, Revlon Realistic and Fabulaxer … I get to listen to the consumer and address their concerns and their needs … We have a customer care line where consumers can actually call in and express how they feel about a product. We also feature consumers in some of our ads.

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