Black Girl Group Sophia Fresh Has Shot at the Big Time

Yaltou’re not alone if you’re asking yourself whether or not the world really needs another girl group to follow the succession of girl group demises like; TLC, Destiny’s Child, Cherish and a host of others.  Still, we’d be remiss to overlook the infectious energy, talent and potential of Sophia Fresh.  With their determination, message of individuality and strong bonds,  group members, Cole Rose, Skye and Crystal appear to have all the essential elements for success riding in their favor.

But, the outlook for the group wasn’t always so bright after they separated from Underdog/J Records.  It was their shared sense of purpose that helped them overcome the disappointment that might have been the undoing of most other groups.

“We are all spiritual and believe in a higher power and that we are all here for a purpose.  So we always knew that it was important not to rob ourselves, and the world of the gift we were put on this earth to bring,” says Cole Rose.

That determination paid off tenfold once the group was signed by super producer/artist, T-Pain for a Nappy Boy Entertainment/Atlantic Records deal.  It’s a partnership that member, Crystal credits with helping them to step outside of the box and deliver their theme of individuality.

“People put girl groups in a box. I think they do expect women to be on stage wearing heels and tight clothes. That makes it difficult to step out and wear colorful clothes and sing about things you don’t think we would sing about.  But we are unique and now we have the opportunity to share that with people.”

Sophia Fresh’s emphasis on self-expression not only sets the group apart, but has also helped to create a strong internal bond to withstand the whims of the music industry. “My family always said I was the weird child, and nobody really understands me but my group members.  I don’t feel like a misfit anymore.  So for us walking away from this would be like walking away from life …” says Skye.

With their appearance on the Step Up 3D Soundtrack and forthcoming debut album, Sophia Fresh will be able to put their winning formula to the test and hopefully deliver a girl group with longevity. –souleo

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