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Sneakerheads Team Up With Artists for Art + Sole + Life

Sneakerheads have always been fond of uniquely designed shoes. Sneaker enthusiasts collect exclusive shoes similar to how art connoisseurs collect fine art.

So it was an ingenious idea to unite the two worlds at Art + Sole + Life. The event took place on Oct. 22 at the Ambient Plus Studio in Atlanta. Contemporary and graffiti artists used shoes as canvases to express themselves through art.

Each pair of shoes had a unique theme. A few of the most memorable shoes included designs of 2Pac, Biggie, the American flag, the Jackson 5, and Breast Cancer Awareness.

During the exhibit, DJ Greg Street and G Mack spun on the turntables as Alien the Drummer covered each song on his drum set.

Art + Sole + Life was sponsored by Sole Plus, Sam Flax and Converse. –a.r.