Abigail Moats: The Communication Expert

Abigail Moats: The Communication Expert

Abigail Moats is a master communicator and she has accumulated a multitude of success stories across a diverse range of industries to prove it. But the self-assured Moats knows what she can do, her job is to show corporations and individuals what they can accomplish through effective communication. The president and CEO of QA Enterprises LLC is an author, dynamic motivational speaker, and marketing and sales strategist. For 20 years the personable Moats has been the point person for thousands of professionals looking to improve their leadership skills and business and interpersonal communications. Moats’ mantra is that everything begins and ends with a conversation, which is why she has dubbed herself, “The Communication Expert.” Recently, Moats shared her personal formula for success with rolling out. –steven kennebrew turner

What distinguishes your business from its competitors? I distinguish my business from my competition. No one has else my thumbprint, my tongue print, nor my voiceprint. The uniqueness that God has given me shines daily in my faith, life, and business. My message to my clients is specific and tailored for their business; this helps them realize who they are.

How do you utilize social media in your business? Social media allows me to share my message with a global audience. It provides me with opportunities to build new relationships and continue with great rapport. There are those friends on social media that are motivated daily by my inspirational words.

What business books have you read lately? Actually, my book — Communicate With Power In Life, Love, and Business to Access Your Greatness — helps keep me focused. Robert Kiyosaki’s The Business of the 21st Century is another great book that I use for motivation. Other books, periodicals, and newspapers on leadership and business are also great tools.

What’s a typical workday like for you? The first half hour is for quiet time and meditation to understand the focus of the day. Then, it’s time to set up the agenda for the day and following up with referrals. After this, it’s time to seek new business. Finally, there’s writing and research for staying abreast with the business and enlightening self.

Moats’ bons mots:

Know thyself. “If [you don’t know yourself] … you will duplicate someone else’s identity.”

Keep the faith. “Never lose your faith, hope or sense of self … spend quiet time with self.”

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