D.C. 4th Grader Brings Cocaine to School and Shares With Classmates

The impact of drugs on the African American community historically has been devastating. Not only has it been the root of numerous health problems inclusive of addiction, but it has also resulted in large numbers of homicides and increasing numbers of African American males in the nation’s correctional system.

In Washington, D.C., police were called to Thomson Elementary School this week after a student brought cocaine to the school and shared it with four classmates, officials said. The elementary school students, ages 8-9, either sniffed or swallowed the cocaine on Thursday, and were taken to a hospital, district spokesman Fred Lewis said. A fifth student who recently had surgery was also taken to the hospital as a precaution. The student who brought the cocaine to school, believed to be a fourth-grader, was charged with drug possession. The case is being referred to the DC attorney general’s office, which handles juvenile crime.

Principal Albert P. DuPont, Ed.D. in a letter to parents  wrote, “This is not a situation that is typical at Thomson, and we take it very seriously … At school, we will address drug awareness as a whole-school issue … Child Protective Services was contacted to determine how the substance was obtained. CPS and MPD are in the process of dealing with the student who brought the substance and the student’s family. The MPD investigation is ongoing.” –torrance stephens, ph.d.

Torrance Stephens authors the blog rawdawgb.blogspot.com. Find him on twitter.com/rawdawgbuffalo.

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