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Kem’s Must-see Concert: Healing and Love Supreme

Motown represents an era of unforgettable music and even more memorable stars whose songs have endured the test of time and whose sounds have molded artists of all generations to follows, one of those being ballad icon Kem. The intensity of emotion was audible and weighed in the air like waves crashing against the shore of Kim’s distinguished stage design. Elegantly dressed men and glamorous women enthusiastically shared both anticipation and admiration for the music and the show as they built to a climactic conclusion. Kim would deliver more than was expected with reverence and grace.

The level of confidence from a king who was fully aware of his royal status and his almost magical reign over his engaged loving subjects. Proud and distinguished, Kem moved stealth like into position to strike the emotional tether. Immediately the crowd layed bare their emotions to transform themselves into the singers vessels of love.

Wearing a brown custom-made suit and matching hat that was indicative of a man on top of the world, effortlessly creating musical memories that will undoubtedly garner him more praise and even wider recognition. The posture and gait of the man is just more evidence of his distinguished position in life and suggests to all on-lookers that he has arrived and his accomplishments are many.

Given the fact, that Kem is both a songwriter and composer, his lyrical genius was clearly and poignantly expressed to every couple in songs and like “Find Your Way Back in My Life” and declarations of commitment like “share my life, trust in me.” Being so intimately acquainted with love, Kem gently glides us around the parameters that define the love journey in our lives.

“I think about us” is courageously revealing statement. And the extended standing ovation he received from the audience seemed to last for nearly ten minutes, further proof of his power and ability to mesmerize.

Ledisi later shared the stage with Kem to perform a duet that united the sexes in musical rapture.

The band provided a resounding backdrop that echoed masters Duke Ellington, Berry Gordy and other great men who have brought musical genius to the stage.

Kem’s talent continues to tower over the competition as he distinguished himself as one of the best of our generation.