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Hot Pics: Girls Rock Chicago

Hosts Toi Talese and LuTonya Lang of Industrybuzzz

The competitive music scene is perhaps the last industry you’d expect to see a show of unity, but it happened.

Girls Rock Chicago, held recently at the posh nightspot Red Kiva, was an event designed to bring female artists together and to elevate their brands.

The brainchild behind the event is a young singer who goes by the name of Siren.

“I chose the name Siren because it’s actually a goddess and she lured people in, the sailors, with her music,” she beams. “To me, that’s symbolic of the way that I perform, I like to lure people in.”

Siren lured a sea of twenty-somethings, male and female, who converged on the South Loop establishment to catch some great entertainment. She told rolling out that Girls Rock Chicago is not a one-time event, but a movement designed to create a platform for other young women in the business to collectively express themselves artistically with a unified voice.

“Girls Rock Chicago, is basically spotlighting different females in the city that are doing great things, that are movers and shakers, and are doing something positive in the community,” Siren explains. “Something, similar to an expo. It’s a unifying situation.”

Unity is sorely needed in the entertainment industry, especially for the up-and-comers in Chicago, Siren adds.

“I strongly believe in oneness, I strongly believe in people being on the same page, in empowering numbers, and having their energies focused in the same area. And the city needs change, [there’s] a lot of division in Chicago, it’s pretty much well-known for being divided,” she says.

Siren is confident that the visual of young women banding together through music will send a positive message to the community.

After a successful launch event, Siren, CEO of Eonian Flux, is already energized to do it again, and is determined that Girls Rock Chicago will not be a one-hit wonder. “Right now this is operating under the eonian flux,” Siren says. “Eonian means permanent, everlasting and eternal, and Flux means movement, so it’s the eternal, everlasting movement. And we’re always trying to stay conscious of what’s going on in our community. This won’t stop.”

Photos: Kirk Hamel.