Multimillionaire Businessman Stephen Pierce Sharing Wealth With Black Entrepreneurs

Web entrepreneur Stephen Pierce resurrected his life from ruins after more than one failed business venture, filing bankruptcy twice and ending up living on the streets of Washington, D.C. Now, the multimillionaire president and CEO of Stephen Pierce International is a highly respected and much sought after Internet marketer and business adviser. Known in financial circles as the “Success Sculptor,” Pierce recently stumped around the country with the crowd-pleasing Get Motivated Seminar tour, where he shared the platform with Bill Cosby, Colin Powell and Michael Phelps, among others. In his book, Secrets of Wealth, Pierce’s optimism and spiritual resolve underscore the business attributes of a successful entrepreneur and human being.
“Yesterday’s impossibilities are today’s possibilities. … My life is a living testament to what is possible. It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what you have in your bank account. It doesn’t matter what your current assets are. I know you can have the breakthroughs you desire and have a fulfilling life,” counsels Pierce.
Pierce conducted a series of one- and three-day workshops throughout April to teach others to replicate his business success. The entrepreneur boasts that the beauty of his training programs on business research is that they make the process simple and cool.
“If you have been to any of my workshops or any of my trainings, you know that the number one thing I am going to tell you is to sell where people are already buying. That’s it! The reason a lot of new and experienced [business] people don’t make money online is because they are doing one of two things: They are either looking to sell what they hope people will buy or they are looking to sell what they want people to buy. The value is in where people are already putting their money.” That piece of business advice is the cornerstone of the entrepreneur’s expansive empire of online businesses and coaching clubs.
“We are heroes of value and wealth creation. We create new possibilities for ourselves and others by sharing the right information, right now,” advises Pierce.
–roz edward

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