Pooch Hall, Meagan Good in Atlanta to Promote ‘Jumping the Broom’

Pooch Hall, Meagan Good in Atlanta to Promote 'Jumping the Broom'
Pooch Hall and Meagan Good crack up at preview party.

Yesterday evening, rolling out was invited to a media dinner with Meagan Good and Pooch Hall. They were in Atlanta to promote the hot new film, Jumping the Broom, which hits theaters Mother’s Day weekend. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Meagan Good previously, but it was my first time meeting heartthrob Pooch Hall.

Media representatives filled the private dining area of Strip, an Asian-cuisine restaurant in Atlantic Station in Midtown. We were served grilled chicken satay, mini turkey burgers, lamb chop lollipops, jerk shrimp skewers, grilled vegetable antipasto and chilled wine.

Hall and Good, who were both pure delights, have supporting roles in the film and was eager to talk about their characters, the importance of the film, working on set with the other cast members and their own personal lives.

Hall shared about the loss of his mom and how that affects him because she is not here to share in the joy of his growing career. He also spoke of his dad, a funny character who always gets names wrong. He said he got his name “Pooch” because his dad would mispronounce “Pookie.” So, the nickname “Pooch” stuck.

Good discussed her role, working in Hollywood and being labeled a sex symbol. I asked her about the scene in the movie in which she kisses an older gentlemen. She explained that she kept it very professional and that she discusses everything with her fellow actors in advance. She said she grew up very nerdy and awkward and that, although she comes off as a very confident person on screen, she actually is very quiet and shy.

Rolling out readers, go out in force and support the film, Jumping the Broom, coming to theaters Friday, May 6. Your mothers will love it. –tammie reed

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