NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor a Registered Sex Offender

NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor a Registered Sex Offender

New York Giants Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, who’s been in legal trouble over sexual misconduct with a minor, was ordered by a Florida judge yesterday to register with the Sunshine State’s sex offender registry.

As reported by, Taylor, who’s a Florida native and resides in the South Florida city of Pembroke Pines with his family, must register for 20 years with the site.

Although Taylor is now a registered sex offender in Florida, the former “Dancing With the Stars” favorite was able to dodge that same legal bullet in New York yesterday when state judge William Kelly ruled that Taylor was not a threat to public safety and that it wasn’t “likely” that he would commit the same crime. The ruling allows Taylor to remain off New York’s online sex offender registry site.

Taylor first got into trouble when he was arrested and charged with felony third-degree rape last May after having sex with a 16-year-old female prostitute at the Holiday Inn Suffern in Montibello, N.Y.

The girl claimed that she was forced by her pimp to go to Taylor’s hotel room, where she had sex with him in exchange for $300.

Taylor eventually pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and soliciting a prostitute in January 2011 and was sentenced to six years probation in Florida.

What do you think of Taylor having to register as a sex offender? –nicholas robinson

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