Michael Vick Does Not Regret Going to Prison

Michael Vick Does Not Regret Going to Prison

Michael Vick lost his fame and fortune when he was convicted of dog fighting in 2006. Along with serving time in jail, Vick was ridiculed by animal rights activists, cut by the Atlanta Falcons and his $20 million earnings vanished.

Vick recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal and suggested that his life was changed by his incarceration.

“As crazy as this may sound, going to prison really changed my life,” Vick said. “I was able to go in and come out with a plan. I’m happy that I turned out to be the person that I am, and I wouldn’t change anything about my life if I could. I think some people will never forget. Some people will. But I think that’s just the reality of the situation I created for myself.”

Vick also discussed being in prison confinement.

“I was locked down for 23 hours of the day,” he said. “One hour to go out and walk around the yard. That was a time that I spent visualizing myself coming back and doing great things. And just praying for an opportunity.”

Vick got a second-chance opportunity with the Philadelphia Eagles and earned the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year award in 2010. –a.r.

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