Mud Pie: Wide Variety, Creativity Make Them ‘The Ultimate Gift Giver’

On Thursday, April 14, America’s Mart featured Mud Pie, maker of stylish and creative gifts of all kinds. I’m sure either you, a family member or friend has a gift item from this terrific company.

Mud Pie’s headquarters is based in Stone Mountain, Ga., and has been in business since 1988.  Creating the most affordable, high quality, fun gifts, Mud Pie is a great place to shop  for a baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, retirement party and more festive occasions.  They even have individualized choices and personalized items.

I was invited to tour their showroom, learn about all their different gift items, create an ultimate gift and take a sneak peek of their fall line for 2011. It was an afternoon of fun and excitement since I love all things cute and girly.

At the presentation, I met CEO Marcia Miller, who founded the company. She spoke on how she worked her way up in several companies and was pretty good at selling. She then decided to launch her own business Mud Pie that is now known all over the world. The name came from making ceramics that were painted brown to resemble clay. Miller said she wanted to control her own destiny and started her company with 20 faux terracotta products. The line took off and was often oversold.

Today, Mud Pie has a baby line that is their number-one seller, tabletop gifts that include napkins, bottle toppers, hostess gifts and, yes, fashion! In the showroom, we saw the latest collections of so many interesting things. I headed right for the pink section, which had aprons, tumblers, hats, beachwear and so much more. After viewing the showroom, we played a game where we had to create the ultimate gift. My scenario was to buy a gift for a retiring school teacher. My budget was $100, and I got to thinking fast.

I came up with a coastal-inspired designed platter, matching serving dish and beach napkins inside of a coral carry tote. My thought was that the school teacher could take a long vacation.

I had such an enjoyable time meeting the other moms, bloggers and the staff of Mud Pie. Thank you, The Edelman Group, for the Pinktastic time. –tammie reed

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