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Wendy Williams Says It Was Easy Juggling 2 Men at Once; Bad Example for Girls?

Media maven Wendy Williams recently shared that it wasn’t hard at all to be a female “player” of men back in her earlier incarnation. In fact, as she quipped to the media, her game was so tight that her male companions had no knowledge of one another.

The talk show host on BET brought up the subject of multiple partners because she is hosting the new dating show “Love Triangle.”

New show aside, Williams has to wonder whether sharing she had two partners at the same time is providing a good example for the legion of young girls who may look up to radio personality-turned-media star. In these times, when the rate of HIV infection in places like Washington, D.C., is greater than even sub-Saharan African nations, advocating moral rectitude and preventive STD measures is paramount.

On the other hand, this experience perhaps makes Williams the perfect candidate to sort through the drama of “Love Triangle.” It will feature contestants who are dating two men simultaneously. Williams’ role will be to help the contestants navigate through the layers of emotions and arrive at sensible conclusions. Or so she purports.

Williams is a busy woman these days. She is the host of the eponymous talk program, “The Wendy Williams Show.” She was just voted off “Dancing With the Stars.” Now, as Williams prepares to satiate her fans’ voracious appetite for scandal and drama on “Love Triangle,” some wonder if her husband of a dozen years, with whom she has a 10-year-old son, was one of the two lovers that she juggled. And, though Williams is busy, let’s just hope that her admittance of being a free spirit doesn’t inspire even more young women to get busy in the wrong way.

terry shropshire