Matthew Knowles Hit With IRS Tax Lien, Disputes Bill

Matthew Knowles Hit With IRS Tax Lien, Disputes Bill

Music executive Matthew Knowles has generated millions of dollars as the former manager of Beyoncé Knowles and Destiny’s Child, but now the multimillion-dollar mogul may be in a bit of financial trouble after the IRS hit Knowles with a $12,000 tax lien, which Knowles is now disputing.

According to, the state of California filed the $12,115 tax lien against Knowles on March 9 with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds.

However, according to Knowles accountant, Debra Whelan Johnson, neither Knowles nor Johnson knew of the tax lien until they were contacted by the Detroit News. Now, Johnson is claiming that it isn’t Knowles who owes the money; instead it’s the IRS who owes Knowles more than $12,000 in tax refunds. To clear up the matter, Knowles has filed a non-resident California tax return for the tax year in question.

“My firm has filed the return, and Mr. Knowles will be receiving a tax refund,” she wrote in an email to the paper. “This is not my point of view, but a fact. If you would like a redacted copy of the return to verify, I am sure we can make that available.”

However, at press time, Johnson had yet to provide a copy of the redacted return.

While Johnson is still trying to clear his name, Knowles issued a statement of gratitude to the paper for their notification of his lien.

“I have overpaid my taxes in California and look forward to receiving my refund. If it had not been for you, I wouldn’t have known,” said Knowles.

What do you think of Knowles tax woes? Do you think he’s really in debt, or is it an error on the state’s end? –nicholas robinson

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