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Pin Ups Atlanta Diversifies with MelodicMovements Erotic Dance

I have a question for all my hardcore Pin Ups enthusiasts: You think you can’t get physically and mentally stimulated unless a disrobed woman is parked right in front of you? Then you haven’t witnessed major Pin Ups events like MelodicMovements in action.

Imagine This. You sit inside Pin Ups gentlemen’s club in suburban Atlanta. Your internal heat index rises sharply as your eyes become filled with voluptuous heavenly forms that are twisting, spinning, bending and pirouetting around and over each other with erotic intent. MelodicMovements is poetry in motion with a sexy twist to it.

Their performance is part of Pin Ups’ overall strategy to diversify its entertainment portfolio without compromising its core mission. In addition to MelodicMovements, Pin Ups introduced Wine, Dine & Cigar night last year, which attracted a mature clientele of cigar aficionados, couples and groups.

Additionally, you could also call Pin Ups the gentlemen’s club with a conscience. They are good business neighbors, getting involved in philanthropic endeavors in the community. They’ve also provided services pertinent to their employees’ lives including tax filing, education assistance, childcare, healthcare, etc. Of course, there is the entertainment aspect that will never change, thankfully. MelodicMovements is just another step in what is to come, Pin Ups braintrust promises.

“The idea of an erotic dance production has been done for other adult entertainment establishments, but I don’t believe other clubs have combined it with regular operations,” testifies Pin Ups Manager Keith Barkers. “Usually these performances are held off site or done outside of regular operating hours. We [held] the performance during the prime night time hours so that all can see the new side of Pin Ups.”

The MelodicMovements crew came packing three deep for an entertainment extravaganza. They brought the renowned spoken word artist Georgia Me, a woman whose spectacular manipulation of the English language will have you twisted up like a pretzel. The vivacious and versatile vocalist Philippia helped complete the mood by cranking out cuts that corresponded with the sweat-bead inducing, heart-rate-climbing performance that MelodicMovements put on before a packed crowd at PinUps — and during peak hours at Pin Ups at that.

And then there was the conclusion of MelodicMovements. I’m sure there are adjectives to describe what popped off to conclude the show, but I am still in search of them. And then, when the show concluded, there was the rest of the club to get immersed in. What’s next in store for Pin Ups? Tune in on the regular, and you shall soon see. –terry shropshire

For more information about Pin Ups menu of entertainment options, call 404-373-9477 or email [email protected]