Tribeca Film Fest Provides New Hope for Rwandan Filmmaker

Tribeca Film Fest Provides New Hope for Rwandan Filmmaker

Kivu Ruhaorahoza nearly gave up on his dream of creating a film. After attempting to make a short film and failing to get funding, Ruhaorahoza decided to create a metafictional film that was inspired by his own plight. Shorty before the world premiere of Grey Matter at the Tribeca Film Festival, Ruhaorahoza spoke with rolling out magazine about his directorial debut. –amir shaw

How did your dream of creating a film become a reality?

I started with a short story and it was difficult for me to get funding. I was having such a hard time. I decided to write the story about me making the short film. My cinematographer introduced me to an Australian producer. He read the script and sent it to an investor. We have been at it for two years and someone from the Tribeca Film Festival contacted me and decided to put it in the fest.

How will this film inspire other Rwandan filmmakers?

Our country is behind when it comes to filmmaking. It was hard for me to find a tripod for the camera. I hope filmmakers see the film as an artistic vision that you can have. Instead of just making videos in five days, you can expand and create a two-hour film.

Are there any places for filmmakers to practice their art in Rwanda?

We have an institution called Rwanda Cinema Center. They are doing amazing work with film. I work there myself. Unfortunately, a lot of people who could be  filmmakers don’t take advantage of the resources. It’s a shame. But when you come from a country without a film school, it’s hard to implement the importance of studying and learning the art of filmmaking.

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