La Toya Jackson Fired After Being Tag-Teamed by Star and NeNe on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

La Toya Jackson Fired After Being Tag-Teamed by Star and NeNe on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

For the past several episodes, La Toya Jackson has been the underdog on the women’s “A.S.A.P.” team of “Celebrity Apprentice” and after valiant efforts to prove herself worthy, Jackson’s stint on the show came to a miserable end last night after a heated boardroom elimination with Star Jones and NeNe Leakes.

For this week’s challenge, each team had to design a 4-page advertising campaign for Trump hotels, with the winning team’s campaign running in Saveur magazine. And right from the beginning, things were off to a rocky start for Jackson.

When asked by project manager, Jones, to run errands with Jackson, Leakes vehemently expressed her disapproval, prompting a heated confrontation with Jackson, during which the singer revealed that she’d felt hurt by Leakes’ criticism of her in the previous weeks.

“I felt there were eyes rolling, talking behind my back. Girls, I’m human. That hurts,” Jackson said, before tearing up and addressing Leakes. “You know that day you just cursed me out? That hurt me so badly but I tried to remain strong and said ‘She doesn’t even realize what she’s doing.’ I have nothing against you. Actually, I love you.”

And in a surprising twist of fate, Leakes and Jackson were able hug it out and quash their weeks-long feud.

However, despite having made amends with Leakes and performing her assigned tasks, Jackson wasn’t spared any heat or criticism in the boardroom once it was discovered that the women’s team had lost the challenge and were up for elimination.

During the elimination proceedings, which by Jones’ choice were attended by Leakes and Jackson as well, Jackson expressed that she believed Jones should be fired because of her overbearing actions as project manager.

However, both Jones and Leakes, who seemed reluctant to critique her newfound friend, said that Jackson would be the weakest player moving on in the season, prompting a seemingly torn Donald Trump to fire Jackson.

‘I don’t think the team wants La Toya going forward and they know the problems they’re going to have beating these three guys,” Trump said. “I think it’s going to be very tough for you to win, but we have to give you that chance. La Toya, you’re fired.”

Following her elimination, Jackson hugged Leakes but refused to acknowledge Jones before making her exit.

“I think Star Jones is a very manipulative person, I think she’s very conniving and she’s very evil,” said Jackson during her cab ride home.

What do you think of Jackson’s firing? Do you believe that Jones is conniving and manipulative? –nicholas robinson

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