Wahida Clark Discusses Part 5 of Best-Selling ‘Thug’ Series

Wahida Clark Discusses Part 5 of Best-Selling 'Thug' Series
Author Wahida Clark

Wahida Clark spoke with rolling out recently to discuss the continuation of her best-selling series, Thug. Titled Justify My Thug, Clark’s new book expands upon the ideals of her earlier series, incorporating themes of love, love lost, betrayal, sex and drugs.

While Clark, as a writer, maintains the integrity of her earlier work, she also uses this book as an opportunity to grow as an author, exploring new writing styles and narratives. Explaining that she grew up in “tough” Trenton, N.J., instant parallels can be drawn from her fictional story lines to her real life experiences. Nevertheless, Clark maintains that her plots and characters are fictional and implores her readers to search for the true meaning(s) in Justify My Thug.

Thus, beyond the drama and climax stands a book that takes on the traits of its New York Times best-selling author — battle-tested and overtly candid, yet personable and endearing. The following questions delve into the book-writing process and the themes that Clark wishes to promulgate. –amal yamusah and ashley jackson

What inspired you to write this book?

It is part 5 to my Thug series — an explosive continuation. I was inspired to write while in prison. I read a story in XXL magazine about a guy who had written a book while he was in prison.

What is the theme or message in your book?

The theme of this book and all of my books is “You reap what you sow” or “What goes around comes around.” You are responsible for your deeds and actions, and you must suffer the consequences of your deeds and actions.

Do you stick to a specific writing style?

Actually, this is the first book that I’ve written in the first person. I’ve done a short story in first person before but never a full book. I am excited about it because I know my readers are dying to get into the minds of their favorite characters.

Wahida Clark Discusses Part 5 of Best-Selling 'Thug' SeriesWhat was the hardest part about writing this book?

Taking my favorite couple through mad, mad drama!

Lastly, when did your interest in writing books start?

While I was in prison, working in the library. I was reading an XXL magazine and came across a small article about a guy who had written a book while incarcerated. His name was Shannon Holmes, and his book was B More Careful. That was my light bulb moment. I realized I could write a book if I put my mind to it. 

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