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M.A.C. Cosmetics Presents Latest Collections for Eyes

M.A.C. Cosmetics introduces their latest collection. This time, it’s all about the eyes. In this high altitude collection, it’s sensual, spongy, watercolor, whipped-mousse cream shadows in 16 latest hues that fly higher than the rainbow. They also introduce Zoom Lash mascara in four, fun, limited-edition shades. The new collection, listed below, will be in stores May 5: –tammie reed

Big Bounce Shadow – Eye shadows come in 16 colors.

  • The Cool Elite – White with silver pearl
  • Good Fortune – Soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
  • Reward Yourself – Bright peach coral with gold pearl
  • Impeccably Rich – Light cream with gold pearl
  • Sizzlin’ Diva – Copper with gold pearl
  • Trophy – Soft peach with pearl
  • Free as Air – Sky blue with silver pearl
  • Spread the Wealth – Dirty olive with gold pearl
  • Extra Charged – Bright green with multicolor pearl
  • Up the Ante! – Rich copper with gold and silver pearl
  • Rich Thrills – Dirty silver with multicolor pearl
  • Luxury Touch – Violet with gold pearl
  • Count Your Assets – Rich blue purple with multicolor pearl
  • My Next Indulgence – Forest green with blue and gold pearl
  • Rich, Sweet – Chocolate gold with gold pearl
  • Black Diamond – Black with gold pearl

Zoom Lash Mascara – Mascara come in four flying colors.

  • High Esteem – Mid-tone gray with silver pearl
  • Blue Charge – Deep navy blue
  • Plum Reserve – Light violet purple
  • Green is Green – Jade green

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