The Royal Union: It’s Over and It’s Only Just Begun

It was all pomp and circumstance in a traditional wedding ceremony planned by Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor and Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton (now known as Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; it was Queen Elizabeth’s decision The Royal Union: It’s Over and It’s Only Just Begun

what her title would be. Prince William’s mother, Diana, was given the title of “Princess”).

In a lovely wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander McQueen label who has made exquisite designs for first lady Michelle Obama and other notables, Kate made the long walk down the center aisle of the famous Westminster Abbey toward her groom, who had chosen not to turn to look at her until she stood next to him at the altar. His younger brother, Harry, turned to look at her, laughed and made a quick comment to William. Commentators said they believe he said, “She looks beautiful” or “You should see her.” Later, it was reported that Harry actually said, “Are you ready for this?” and William nodded.

Alexander McQueen did not get to witness the wedding. He committed suicide a year ago at age 40.

After a nice and simple ceremony, which excluded the word “obey” and in which Kate was presented her ring (William has chosen not to wear one … My, how things have changed), theThe Royal Union: It’s Over and It’s Only Just Begun flag-waving crowd outdoors roared with delight and approval.

People all over the world watched the wedding, some on huge screens in public parks and squares. As the archbishop said in his speech, so many people are interested in this event because “all weddings symbolize hope.” He said that happy events such as this contrast the darkness and cruelty that can be found in the world today.

The ceremony, by choice, did not end with a kiss. The rumors were that they would kiss once outdoors, but that was not observed.

When most couples may take photos and head straight to the reception to eat and party, William and Kate, who have lived together on and off for eight years, were seated for a service of about 30 minutes that included the reading of Romans 12, hymns, a timely and practical speech rendered by the Archbishop and the signing of official documents.

Newspapers this week printed headlines such as “Your Mom Would Be Proud.” One observer and close friend of the family said that, at one point in the ceremony, William could be seen chewing on his lip … “just like his mother.” –arnell pharr

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