President Obama Kills Osama Bin Laden; Re-Election Sealed

President Obama Kills Osama Bin Laden; Re-Election Sealed

“Mr. President, I have the royal family on hold. They want to know if they will be invited to your re-election victory party.”

President Obama may have just wrapped up the 2012 election when he turned Osama bin Laden into shark food.

Sarah Palin, collect your moose rifle and crosshairs and return to your isolated outpost in the frozen tundra far north of here. It’s over.

Donald Trump, you’re are so fired. You are hereby remanded to deserved obscurity for the next four years, which is the worst type of punishment for you since you lust for attention and for people to genuflect at your toupee. It was said on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” that your “Celebrity Apprentice” was interrupted by the president’s announcement of bin Laden’s death. Poetic justice.

The “birther” movement? Make sure you turn out the lights on your way out. Good night.

This act of killing Osama bin Laden is much more than a political act. It washed away the bloodstains of more than 3,000 murdered victims fromalmost 10 years ago in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. It is “justice,” as Obama said, for all the innocent victims’ family members.

“This man’s evil energy has been taken off the earth,“ said one of the Sept. 11 survivors. The slaying of bin Laden enables an entire nation to dust off their shoulders, pop their collars and stick out their chests once again.

With bin Laden’s demise, Obama accomplished something that the previous two presidential administrations — run by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — could not do: find and kill that merciless murderer. Bush, Clinton and Condoleezza Rice all called to congratulate Obama.

With a single swipe at bin Laden‘s jugular, Obama also obliterated the arguments of a legion of loud critics who lampooned Obama’s leadership.

Weak? Far from it.

Indecisive? No, sir.

An alleged Muslim who won’t kill another Muslim? That argument is buried right next to bin Laden.

A supposed foreigner who is running the White House? Man, go somewhere with all that noise. Fall back.

Of course, his enemies are relentless and ruthless. As they retreat to their ideological bunkers to heal and put tourniquets on their gaping political wounds, they are strategizing to return  with some other alleged Obama failure, in an attempt to swipe the Oval Office chair from under him.

Just know that it will be much harder to go to war against Obama now. I also know that it won’t be a good idea to have Donald Trump in the foxhole with you.

terry shropshire

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