Risqué Businesses Part 1: The Naughty Rooms

The Naughtys

The Naughty Rooms is proof that the passion industry is booming, with the rise of secret clubs, cruises and adult products geared to keeping the heat in your relationship.

Mr. & Mrs. Naughty (the couple’s stage names) have been married for four years and have six children. The two were best friends before they jumped the broom, and today Mrs. Naughty insists on having a very open relationship.

“It’s very important to know exactly what your partner wants, and when it comes to me and Mr. Naughty, we talk about everything,” she says. “If his fantasy is for us to be with another woman, I want him to be open enough to come and tell me, because if I want to be with him and another guy, I want to be able to tell him that without the repercussion.”

Or, perhaps, if Mrs. Naughty wants to be with another woman.
“I want to be able to tell him, ‘look, I’m curious about a woman, either you’re going to be there, or you’re going to allow me to do it on my own.’ I want our marriage to be as open as possible.””

In December of 2009 the Naughtys decided to get into the pleasure business, that is, selling fantasies and adult novelties (sex toys) online.

“I’ve always wanted to sell adult novelties, and one day I went to him and said, ‘hey, why don’t we start a page on Facebook and get a few followers?’ And that’s how we started. We created a Naughty Rooms page and we grew to over 40,000 followers.”

Many of those followers became customers, of course. But the Facebook page business model does have one major drawback — other Facebook entrepreneurs can shut you down.

The Naughty’s page was reported several times to Facebook and without warning, the page was shut down — all 40,000 followers were lost.

“If you have competition on Facebook with any business, they’ll do whatever they can to shut you down,” Mrs. Naughty explains. “They will go in there and hit “report page” and if you get [too] many “report pages” Facebook will automatically shut you down. No reason given — you just have to start over … this happened four times.”
The last time was late in 2010, and now the group has amassed 29,190 followers again.

Facebook drama aside, for the Naughtys, the Pleasure + Passion = Profit business model is working well. The couple have expanded their business beyond adult toys to include Naughty Room apparel, (crystal embedded tees, and boy shorts), and Naughty Room radio.

“On my radio show, ‘Mrs. Naughty Tells All,’ we’ll have a couple of topics and we’ll post it in the Naughty Rooms, people will go on the page and elaborate on those topics and call into the show.”

The callers are honest, Mrs. Naughty says. “I have a lot of women who ask me about anal pleasures, keeping the spice in relationships, the different toys to use, and the G spot,” she says.

Audience participation is spontaneous, such as when Mrs. Naughty calls “Kegel time,” when women are encouraged to strengthen their vaginal muscles.

Of course, male callers participate in the show; recently one male guest told the audience that he has a girlfriend, but is afraid to tell her that he enjoyed having his prostate stimulated, and anal play from time to time.

“He used a hairbrush to stimulate his prostate, but he didn’t tell his girlfriend because he didn’t know how she would react …,” Mrs. Naughty recalls. “That conversation was awesome because he trusted us with that information and we were also able to give him some toys to use as opposed to the hairbrush, so our show is very informative.”

For more information, visit www.naughtyrooms.com.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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