Sheree Whitfield Had a Very Interesting Date … Guess With Whom?

Sheree Whitfield Had a Very Interesting Date ... Guess With Whom?

Sheree Whitfield of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and her ex-husband, former NFL star Bob Whitfield, pretty much have mutilated each other on television and over the airwaves the last few years. Their divorce war was a sensational bloodbath so fierce that it went all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court.

The public gorged themselves on the titillating details. If there is such a thing as domestic violence of the verbal kind, these two fit the definition.

So, it was shocking to my source that, after sparring over things like fake body parts and house evictions, that the warring factions would meet at a neutral cite to initiate an interfamilial treaty of sorts.

Are they dating? Were they comparing war wounds from clawing at each other in the courtrooms of Georgia? Or is Bob Whitfield trying to get his plastic surgery money back?

Sheree Whitfield is a woman of considerable physical beauty, so perhaps Bob wanted to see if they could revisit their more intimate days.

Bob Whitfield, left, and ex-wife Sheree, seated in centerNope, to all of the above. The declaration that they were dating was inaccurately reported on, as usual. [What else is new?] Whitfield explained through Jonell Whitt of Jonell PR that the two were basically channeling their inner Rodney King: They are just trying to get along.

“No, we are not dating, and we are not trying to reconcile. We are just trying to co-parent in peace, ” Whitfield said, spoiling many gossip columnists’ day.

Makes sense. They’ve pretty much regurgitated all the hate for one another out of their systems. They are now seeking peaceful resolutions to their conflicts for the sake of their children, their sanity and the courtrooms of Georgia. Storm clouds used to appear when these two would get together.

Bob Whitfield, a mountainous man who still has chunks of defensive linemen in his digestive tract [He was a fear-inducing offensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons who kept area emergency rooms busy back then.], also said he “was just looking out for his investment,” according to Jonell PR. “It was a stockholder’s meeting.”

Interestingly put, I must say. There are several potential jokes in Whitfield”s statement, but we’ll pass. –terry shropshire

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