Kelly Price Talks Childhood, Favorite Songs and New Album

Singer-songwriter-Grammy Award-winner-mom Kelly Price has done some amazing things in her career. Everyone knows that soulful voice she projects through the radio and television. She sings with a lot of soul and has collaborated with so many great singers and musicians over the years. She has a new CD, simply called Kelly, that launched on May 3. She shared with rolling out stories about growing up in a musical home, some of her favorite songs and life lessons. Let’s tune in and see what she has to say. –tammie reed

Name your top five songs of all time.
Oh, my goodness! There are so many to choose from … This will be hard. “Always Be My Baby” with Mariah Carey, “More Money, More Problems” with Mase and Biggie, “Satisfy You” with R. Kelly. I wrote a song on that album. “Friend of Mine” remix with Mr. Biggs and R. Kelly, “Heartbreak Hotel” with Whitney Houston. Oh, and Jay Z’s “You Must Love Me.” Those were songs from different eras of my life that I love.

You write your own music. Where do you get your inspiration?
I get inspiration from things in my life, people around me, their lives, things in the media. I draw from everything within — my senses, ears and eyes. If I know about it, I can write about it. What’s so funny is [that] I’m that tough chic from Queens in NYC, but I’m super-sensitive. I always consider myself a writer first before a singer. Writing literally defines me creatively. Those are my thoughts and emotions — poems then songs.
Did you have any musical mentors?
My family is very musical … my mom, sister, my grandmother … and none of them had any formal training either. It’s literally a gift from God. As a kid growing up and going to preschool at 4 years old, music was a language to me. At church and at home, everyone sang. It was a culture shock to me that others didn’t have a musical background or didn’t play instruments. It was a total culture shock.This has been the best gift, supernatural thing, therapy, livelihood. It’s been great.

Tell us about your new single “Tired.”
“Tired” is my first single from Kelly. It was nominated for a Grammy. This is my first independent project. It’s the first time I did it without being on a major label. I’m excited. We’re ready to break the Top 10! “Not My Daddy” and “Tired” are available on iTunes. I’m proud of it and the combination crammed into 38yrs. It’s my “grown” album. It’s real sexy and real grown. Adult-formatted music. It has been an opportunity to experience so many things since my last album, which was a gospel project. [This is] my first R&B album in seven years. As a writer, woman and mom, I’ve grown up. You will hear that.

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