PepperSoup Café Brings the Taste of Africa to Houston

Restaurant to know: PepperSoup Café

Owner: Michelle K. Ukegbu

Cuisine: Nigerian and Caribbean

What makes PepperSoup Café unique?

We specialize in the flavors of Africa. There is a large following of African and Caribbean culture in Houston that is not being catered to. It is also a plus that we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday with a bonus Saturday brunch.

What are the specialties at PepperSoup?

Of course, our pepper soup is amazing, but we also have Nigerian favorites like plaintain and vegetables, yam porridge, Nigerian salad and rice stew.

Where are you located?

We are located at 10010 Bissonnet Street. We deliver and have wi-fi capabilities as well.

Why should other cultures come to PepperSoup?

PepperSoup is a great way to experience the flavors of Africa and the Caribbean in your own hometown. If you have never tasted African food, PepperSoup would be a great place to begin your learning process and gradually start to embrace new spices and dishes.

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Alexandria Green
Alexandria Green

Houston TX, Writer, Photographer, Pop Culture Connoisseur.

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