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I live up in the boonies outside of Atlanta, and that could be a good thing or that could be a bad thing when it comes to finding some good eating. Take for instance when you want some good, old-fashioned, finger-licking barbecue. There are not that many places to choose from in my area. I thought I would have to drive into the heart of the city until I got wind of a new place that has been open for seven months that’s simply called ‘Cue, owned by two partners, Gene Pica and Chris Hilton.

I was very eager to try it out and, with gas prices being high as heck, I was praying that it was good. When I walked in, the first thing I smelled was the aroma of hickory wood burning. Yes,  this was going to be a great experience. The friendly waitress sat me down, and I started to look over the menu. I loved the names they had:

  • Starters (stuff that goes good w/beer)
  • Salads (roughage and stuff … still good with beer)
  • Sandwiches (stuff that goes in one hand w/a beer in the other)
  • Platters (big ol’ plates of stuff)
  • Sides (stuff that goes with other stuff)
  • Kids (stuff they like)
  • Desserts (stuff to make room for)
  • Beverages (stuff that ain’t beer)
Smoked Pork Sandwich

I chuckled as I skimmed the menu and, finally, decided on the pulled pork sandwich with two sides. Mac and cheese and baked beans were my sides of choice. You also get a side of homemade pickles with your order. Hilton, part owner of the establishment, came to greet me and share a bit of the history about the restaurant, the fresh ingredients and how it’s not your average barbecue place. He even said they have fried bologna sandwiches that are a great hit, and people of all ages love them! On weekends, they have live music and entertainment.

Blueberry Cobbler

My food came out, and let’s just say that, after my meal, I was stuffed as a roasted pig! Everything was delicious and, with every bite, you could taste all the ingredients, flavorful homemade barbecue sauce and more. Chris then made me (wink-wink) try the homemade blueberry cobbler with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. I was very impressed by how good it was!

If you’re ever in the Cumming, Ga., area, you have to stop by and try this wonderful barbecue restaurant. You might even have time to get in some boot scootin’ while you’re there! They have inside and outside dining, catering services and many items to choose from on the menu. –tammie reed

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