M-Bone’s Girlfriend Accuses Neighbor in Rapper’s Shooting Death

M-Bone’s Girlfriend Accuses Neighbor in Rapper's Shooting Death

Cali Swag District emcee M-Bone was murdered in what may have been a malicious drive-by shooting, and now the slain rapper’s girlfriend is opening up about the murder and accusing a jealous male neighbor of being the shooter.

According to tmz.com, the young woman, who out of fear requested that her name not be used, explained that she and M-Bone, born Mante Talbert, had been living together for a year and that a male neighbor in their apartment complex had become obsessed with the success of the Cali Swag District and was becoming increasingly hostile towards Talbert.

The young woman also confirmed that their was a Twitter beef between Talbert and the jealous man, as reported earlier.

On May 15, the day of the shooting, Talbert’s girlfriend claims that she picked up the rapper from the airport at 12:15 p.m., then drove him back to their apartment complex. Later, around 10:00 p.m. that evening, Talbert took his girlfriend’s car and said he was going to the studio to record.

Shortly after he left, Talbert’s girlfriend was called by one of the rapper’s group members and informed of the terrible news that the young rapper had been shot as he stood near her car while in front of a liquor store.

Police are still investigating the murder. So far no arrests have been made.

What do you think of Talbert’s girlfriend’s accusation? –nicholas robinson

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