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All Mac Users Are “Deaf, Dumb, and Blind”

Earlier this month, a security firm, Intego noticed some Mac users in various Apple support communities, were having problems with a fake antivirus program. After analyzing the malware, Intego classified it as “low- risk.” In the normal world, classifying this malware as “low-risk” would be fine. But for Mac users, thanks to Apple’s steady stream of half truths and lies, this “low-risk” malware becomes a HUGE problem. Apple’s insistence that Mac’s don’t get viruses has now been shattered with the Mac Defender debacle. Folks, Apple is in the midst of a PR maelstrom. Apple has never really figured out what to do when problems occur. Their usual M.O. is to become secretive and by all means, keep the fiercely loyal customer base in the dark about what’s really going on. Think Apple cares about you when the going gets tough? According to info obtained by ZDNET’s Ed Bott, Apple officials have instructed members of the company’s support team to withhold any confirmation that a customer’s Mac has been infected with malware. The problem is getting worse, but you will never hear it from Apple.

Check out this conversation with an Apple Care rep:
“I can tell you for a fact, many, many people are falling for this attack. Our call volume here at AppleCare is four to five times  higher than normal and [the overwhelming majority] of our calls are about this Mac Defender and its aliases. Many frustrated Mac users think their Mac is impervious to viruses and think this is a real warning from Apple. I really wish I could say not many people will fall for this, but in this last week, we have had nothing but Mac Defender and similar calls”
Yes, it is true Mac users are deaf, dumb and blind, but Apple works doubly hard to make sure they stay that way. Mac users have to understand the being less targeted, isn’t the same as being invulnerable.

When Flava Flav so famously quoted, ‘You’re blind, baby, you’re blind from the facts…’ he didn’t know it at the time, but he unknowingly sums up every Mac user’s mindset and Apple’s perfectly happy with that. —dark abyss