People React to the Rapture That Didn’t Happen

People React to the Rapture That Didn't Happen
Atheists respond

The Rapture deadline has passed.


Mr. Harold Camping’s deadline has passed, and the Holy Rollers and heathens are still co-mingling.

People React to the Rapture That Didn't Happen
Harold Camping

Some believers are hopping mad at Biblical mathematician Harold Camping’s prophecy, however. Numerous religious experts have said that Camping’s solid time and date attached to the Rapture — that didn’t happen — will cause true believers to doubt the Good Book. States the Call to Discernment blog, “Rapture date setters come and go. Maybe after Camping’s second failure on May 21 he too will fade away. Such date setters are tools of the devil causing more Christians to disbelieve in the rapture and give the unbelieving world more ammunition to use against Christianity.”

Apparently, each city had its own reaction to the Rapture that wasn’t.

People React to the Rapture That Didn't Happen
Chicago fog. Wikipedia.

In the great city of Chicago, we did have a scare, especially as far as the weather was concerned. Over the past few days, a thick blanket of fog engulfed the city’s landscape and, in some areas, appeared to be swallowing whole city blocks.

The Chicago crazies were out in full force, too. We are accustomed to our crazies hanging out on every corner and causing mayhem once the clock strikes 11 p.m., but these crazies were out and about at high noon. Some had a twinkle in their eyes … as if they knew something that the rest of us had no clue about.

Perhaps, we were the crazies all along…

Chicago really only has two seasons, winter and construction, but still … what was with the big Phantom of the Opera fog-fest? And why did it occur last night?

What was that all about? Since “no one knows the day or hour,” I, for one, am still walking on eggshells.

In New York, there is a Live Stream Video of the Rapture, that isn’t happening.

In D.C., a coalition of Rapture non-believers (atheists, humanists, agnostics), led by Sean Faircloth, is hosting a summit on the Capitol to strengthen the constitution’s separation of church and state.

In Houston, the American Atheists are hosting the Rapture after-party. the Evite states:
Join us to celebrate the rapture on May 21, 2011, at 6 p.m. We will be joined by a couple of guest speakers and plenty of alcohol and entertainment. We have a private room reserved at the Fox and Hound on Westheimer.

We are collecting canned goods for donation to those of us who will be left behind (via a Houston food bank).

OK, so what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

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