Rush Limbaugh Suggests African Americans Teach Their Young to Hate America

Rush Limbaugh Suggests African Americans Teach Their Young to Hate America

If the absurdities of Donald Trump or Sarah Palin are not enough to keep the masses amused and confused, one can always rely on recovering addict Rush Limbaugh to keep hate and racist innuendo front and center.

Last week on his radio show, Limbaugh boldly retorted that “all” African Americans intentionally teach their children to hate America. More specifically, he suggested that the reason why many African Americans do not consider voting Republican is because children are taught to hate America by their parents.

The rant began after the radio host went in on Latinos supporting Democrats and saying that “Hispanics and blacks and any other minority that [Democrats] pander to is that, eventually, people get tired of being forever doomed to being helpless and poor.”

Limbaugh went on to say, “Now, I know what you’re shouting at me. ‘Wait a minute. This hasn’t happened in the black population!’ Yeah, it hasn’t. I think that’s a special consideration, and I don’t see the same set of circumstances existing with the Hispanic population here that existed with the black population. We’ve never had Hispanic slavery, for example. We do not have institutionalized hatred of this country being taught in Hispanic households.”

Limbaugh will be the first to blame others for using race to polarize, but it was he who talked about Barack and Michelle Obama’s “slave blood.” Limbaugh states that Obama advocates racism, yet his tone is reflective of the general fear of racists in America:  that an African American in the White House represents reduced white power and privilege.

The truth is that the GOP, with the aid of loudmouths the likes of Limbaugh, alienates African Americans against them. He will never see that he and the Republicans are the ones who continue to push darker faces away from the party that once used to be our friends.

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