Soulja Boy Talks Receiving Inspiration From Tupac for ‘Juice’ Remake, New Support System Diamond

Soulja Boy Talks Receiving Inspiration From Tupac for 'Juice' Remake, New Support System Diamond

When news broke that Mr. “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” was chosen to be in the remake of “Juice” that features Tupac Shakur as the notorious Bishop character, many people practically laughed in his face at the thought. A lot of people , including myself, were curious and even had doubt saying  Soulja Boy is not worthy enough or talented enough to portray one of Tupac’s most ground-breaking role’s. However, this swagged up rapper/actor is set out, not to prove everyone wrong, but to simply “do him.”  Below,  Soulja boy spills the details to AOl Music involving his participation in the remake of the popular film featuring Hip-Hop pioneer, Tupac Shakur. The internet turned Hip-Hop star is on a natural high as he infuses Pac’s energy into his own projects. Also, Diamond confirmed their relationship to rolling out at the BMI Unsigned Artist Showcase in May, but we hear his side of the story when The Boombox caught up with 20-year-old rapper and allowed him to elaborate on the role that his new love, Ms 32 Flavors, plays in his life.

What was it about Tupac’s character in the film that inspired you?

Really he was just my favorite character in the movie. I just felt like I wanted to get the same haircut that Pac had in the ‘Juice’ movie. After I got the haircut everybody was just going crazy. What stood out to me was that Bishop [Tupac’s character] was his own man. He wasn’t following nobody. He was different and he just really snapped — he shot two of his homeboys. He was really a standout dude in the movie. So that’s how I looked at myself and I just went with it.

You also were asked to audition for the lead role in the Tupac biopic. Tell me about that.

How that whole thing came about, I was doing the ‘Juice’ mixtape and that got out. I’m with William Morris Agency and they sent me an email, the subject was “Tupac,” so I clicked on it. They were interested in having me for the role. I told them I was going to let them know. After that, I got this offer for this part for this movie called ‘Officer Down’ so I’ve been here in Connecticut [shooting]. I was on set with this actor Stephen Dorff and he was like, “Yeah man, you should do that [play Tupac].” This is like really my first big movie, Lionsgate Films in theaters where people are going to see me acting. I was kind of hesitant [to audition for the Tupac film] but they told me that Tupac’s mom is on board with the movie. That was one of the things that I was like, “Hey, as long as his moms is cool with it I can consider it.”

How do you prepare for acting roles?

I’ve just been out here doing everything that I can do on this acting side, because it’s different from music. I think that after I finish this project I’mma go an audition [for the Tupac film]. I’m just honored for them to reach out to me in the first place.

Is it hard to transition from being an artist to an actor and to be around seasoned actors for your first big role?

Yeah, I was in my trailer when I first got to the set. I’m nervous. I’m on the airplane going over my lines and I get here, and you have these actors that’s been in movies like ‘Blade’ and ‘Public Enemy,’ I won’t say it’s hard but it’s a challenge. It’s hard to give up the whole rapper mindset and trying to focus 100 percent on being this other character and spread my career, where people can take seriously so they can look at me like Soulja Boy the actor. I gave it my all, I feel like I’m doing a great job on both sides.

How has your new relationship changed you? Would you say that Diamond has been a pillar of strength for you?

I feel like she’s definitely that. She’s an added plus just for me, period. She supports me. She loves me. Everybody needs love, everybody needs that support in their corner. She’s definitely a pillar of strength in my corner. I don’t need negativity around me. With all the stuff that’s going on with me as being Soulja Boy and my personal life, and in the world in general, the whole world needs love.

I actually think they make a good couple—they are more each others speed. I also hope Ms. Diamond stays by her man’s side when that remake premieres. I have a strong feeling he’ll need some moral support and companionship during that time. God bless you Soulja Boy.

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