Brittany Brown Launches ‘Everyday Bride’ Magazine

Brittany Brown

Business to Know: Everyday Bride

Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Brittany Brown

Launch Date: The website launched May 2010. The premiere print issue and digital magazine launched May 2011.

What inspired you to become a publisher of a bride magazine?

My previous bridal experience was as a wedding planner. I truly enjoyed being a part of the bridal industry. It allowed me to be creative and participate in one of the biggest days of a person’s life. After a year of being in business, I decided that it was time to drive more traffic to my company by advertising and participating in bridal shows. After extensive research I found that most bridal shows are ineffective, so I turned to local bridal publications. Much to my dismay, other publications weren’t as welcoming to me (or my money) as I thought they would be. After the last rude encounter, I decided to develop my own publication that would support companies like mine. I took a leap of faith and founded Everyday Bride.

How does your magazine differ from other bridal magazines?

We are a niche magazine that focuses on specific cities and we are content driven. Everyday Bride is your one point of connection to all things bridal. Our primary business is to promote local business within your area. Everyday Bride also hosts annual bridal shows in addition to our print and digital magazine.

What advice can you give others about the bridal business?

Go for it. The bridal industry is constantly changing and we need more innovative minds to become a part of it. It is a tough market to break into, but if all else fails, create your own circle instead of joining the circle that already exists.

What’s next?

Everyday Bride is hosting our first annual Ultimate Bridal Experience Tour on Aug. 6, 2011. We currently are printing in Houston and will have print magazines in Dallas and Atlanta fall/winter 2011 and our digital magazines will be available in New Orleans and Birmingham, [Ala.]. We are also sponsoring several open houses in the various markets.

What do you hope women learn from reading Everyday Bride?

I hope women will realize that a wedding doesn’t have to be pretentious and it doesn’t have to break the bank. I hope women realize the importance of the days after “the big day” and cherish each moment. [email protected]

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