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NFL’s Jarvis Green Gives Back at Southern Louisiana Wine Tasting Gala

NFL’s Jarvis Green Gives Back at Southern Louisiana Wine Tasting Gala

Jarvis Green continues to be a staple in the community. The Jarvis Green Foundation recently held the Southern Louisiana Wine Tasting Gala in Baton Rouge, La., to benefit disadvantaged single mothers. The event featured a performance by Liza Minnelli, and NFL players Jamal Anderson, Randall Gay, Kevin Faulk and Brandon Harris were in attendance. Kalenna from Diddy-Dirty Money also showed support. Green spoke with rolling out sports about the importance of giving back to his community. –amir shaw

When did you decide to begin giving back during your NFL career?

I lost a lot of family members to Hurricane Katrina. So, I decided to do work with the New Patriots Foundation to help out. But I realized that I could do more if I started my own foundation. I decided to focus on helping single mothers. I have since helped 300 single mothers. I make sure that I can keep things rolling with helping single moms.

What was the significance of the Southern Louisiana Wine Tasting Gala?

It was my first wine-tasting event in Louisiana. I’m very proactive in the things that I do. It was a great event with good food and entertainment. We also raised money for deserving families.

The NFL draft recently occurred. What advice do you give to rookies about maintaining on and off the field?

I tell people to be focused, and stay smart. Don’t have an entourage, and take it one year at a time. Save your money, and be smart. Invest in yourself and have a plan. You need a trade or skill. When you walk into the real world, they are not going to ask how many touchdowns you’ve scored and how many sacks you had.